FAQ: Start-Up Selection

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How many Start-Ups are competing against each other?

A total of six start-ups will be selected to participate in the competition. One will be chosen as a winner and invited to the Summit.

How many participants can the winning Start-Up bring to the Summit?

A maximum of two participants from the winning Start-Up are invited.

If we win, do we get to come to the Summit for free?

You will not have to make a monetary contribution to participate in the Summit, however, travel costs to St. Gallen and accommodation during the Summit are not covered by us.

What is our price if we win?

The winning Start-Up has the opportunity to present their idea and innovative approach in one of the Impulse Sessions. Furthermore, they get to participate in the full two-day conference including the Expert Dinner. The jury is made up of a diverse and experienced group of experts from the industry and with the variety of participants at the Summit itself, you get to connect with investors, industry leaders, and potentially new talent for your company.

Can we participate even if we’re not a Start-Up anymore?

No, but if you would like to participate in the Summit as an Expert, please contact us directly.