FAQ: Recruiting 2024

When is the application deadline?

Our first round of applications is open until December 31st, 2023. As a second round is not guaranteed, we recommend applying as soon as possible.

Can I apply for one semester only?

To ensure a well-coordinated team for our Impulse Summit, we prefer to recruit for two full semesters. Still, for Marketing & Events joining the team for one semester is possible.

Can assessment and master students also apply?

Yes, students of all ages and programs are welcome!

Can I apply as a non-German speaker?

As we value diversity a lot, students from all backgrounds are welcome. Please note that in this case, good proficiency in English is required.

Can I apply as a non-HSG student?

As we are still rooted in St.Gallen, we do only accept HSG students for our program.

Is it possible to go on exchange during the year of the Impulse Program?

To ensure high team spirit and efficient co-working, we prefer a team of students located in St.Gallen throughout both semesters. Still, we always try to find solutions for motivated applicants.

How high is the average workload?

Depending on position and team, workloads can vary throughout both semesters. Please expect a higher workload in the months before and during the Impulse Summit week (Beginning of November 2024).

What are the general requirements to apply?

Next to interest in sports, you should be open to tackle new challenges as well as be able to work efficiently in teams. Previous experience (e.g. design software skills in Marketing) is not required, but beneficial during the application process.

Is it possible to apply for campus credits?

As we are still a relatively young organization, we can only offer credits to a limited amount of positions.
If you are invited for an interview, please let us know if you want to request those credits.