Join us as a supporter or host

Become a supporter or host at the Impulse Summit 2022 at SQUARE and support us during the conference week from October 31st, 2022 – November 5th, 2022.

Your advantages of being a supporter:

  • Access to the most exclusive Summit in the autumn semester
  • Insights into the fascinating sports industry and join the sessions at the Main Stage
  • Firsthand experience in conference organizing
  • Network of international and enthusiastic students and sports business experts
  • Goodie bag to take home all memories
  • Best afterparty you cannot miss

What do we need your help for?

  • Marketing
  • Shuttle & Transport
  • Event Operations

Host one of our international students from October 31st – November 04th, 2022 (first semester week in the break)All you need is a bed for the night, and the conference provides everything else.

Your advantages of being a host:

  • Get to know an international student
  • Goodie bag
  • Afterparty